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May 2021

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Ajmona Hoxha


Pierre Escobar

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: SESAM 2020

Poliklinikanatomy is a proposal to scrutinize the assets of a once pioneering landmark of health and trauma healing premises in Slavutych, in relation to both architecture and medical practice, by identifying, collecting, interpreting and recombining them into new visual identities.

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The premise is initially exposed to diagnostics, just as how a patient is checked by doctors.

We use a see-through approach to explore materials of Poliklinika, that display characteristics of the avant-garde building, on the probe for potentials of these assets.

A detailed inventory of interior finishing elements will be conducted, providing a background that confronts us not only with prime specificities of this healing architecture but also with the tools to produce new images as unique healing devices.

Dissecting the wealth of the building through: materials, patterns, textures, ornamentation… – a palette to be enriched during the exploration days, cuts through its crux of history, program and architecture. They will later be brought under a diagnostic lense, in a provisional laboratory set-up, ‘a monoklinika within the Poliklinika’, to transcript and transcend their identity in relation to: diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment.

What’s healing in architecture? What the nuances of prophylaxis look like? The playfulness of materials, become subject of a transitional day where elements confront, compare, classify, bound together or apart.

Examining the crossovers between past and present makes the assets visible along with the architectural knowledge engraved within them– from the celebration of their specificities, – to its transfiguration in new visual assemblages and inspirations for future identities.

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