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L’atelier is the first-ever nomadic architecture studio. With roots on the European continent, we collaborate and co-create with a global team spread across the world. We have hubs in Brussels, Paris, Marseille, Buenos Aires and Berlin. The world with all its changes and magic is mirrored in the way we live, work and collaborate with each other. Knowing about the safety and beauty of a home, we continue to choose several homes. Daily life in different cities on different continents tell us about the development in society, the shifting priorities, the expanding lifestyle, the shrinking living space and the challenges induced by climate change.

“My workspace is my bag. It contains all an architect needs today: A laptop, a phone, chargers, batteries, a laser, a meter, a sketchbook, several pens, a folder with admin documents, a folder with work in progress and presentations. In addition, there is space for extra clothes a toothbrush, toothpaste.”


Pierre Escobar, founder and owner in an interview with Kontextur

The way we work is nomadic.

We aim to push against the limitations of local thinking. We are on the move, mentally and physically. We are multinational and multicultural. Our multitude of experiences and exposure to living and working around the world enables us to bring a broader, more rich and informed perspective to any project in front of us.
We choose to stay open, big, and bold in order to create the best possible outcome for you. We do not have a static workspace. We work on site, in co-working spaces, cafés, or even in trains. Our way of collaborating with each other across the world is enabled by technology ind strong relationships, rooted in trust and respect for each other.
Nomadic doesn’t mean that we are always traveling. It means that we will always follow the needs of each project. Nomadic doesn’t mean that we are all over the place. It means that we are open to the world. Nomadic: is a state of mind, a fluid way of working and approaching opportunities as they arrive.

We are nomads by heart. We are rooted in local communities, connected around the globe with ex-perts, clients, and collaborators who share our commitment to be human and build for human needs first. Berlin is where we feel home, Brussels is where we interact with inspiring architects, Switzerland is home to our mentors, Albania is where we find inspiration, Paris is where we have most of our clients, Buenos Aires is home to some of our best architects.

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Pierre Escobar (1985) is a French architect, urbanist and the founder of l’atelier. Pierre is also a professor of interior architecture and spatial design at the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences and the founder of Architectural Coffee Break, an online lecture series on the new generation of architects in the becoming.

Prior to l’atelier, Pierre has worked as a research assistant at the EPFL, as a project leader at 51N4E, and as a project architect at HHF Architects. He has also been a guest critic at ETH and the ULB, as well as a guest tutor at the TU Delft, Minerva School, KRVIA University, and Unical. Pierre is a certified architect in France under the reference number 082539.  


Lucas Jalife is an architect in charge of the design team at l’atelier. He studied at the School of Architecture of the University of Buenos Aires, obtaining his degree in 2017. He has been assistant professor both in the University of Buenos Aires and Di Tella University since 2015. Before l’atelier he has been working as project collaborator at Torrado Arquitectos and Pacifico Oficina, two Buenos Aires based practices. He joined l’atelier in 2020.


Liza Murlender is the office manager of l’atelier. She’s a psychologist from the University of Buenos Aires. She worked in different companies in Marketing, PR and Human Resources for Argentina, Canada and France. She joined l’atelier in 2021.


Yvanna Herbé is partner in charge of the construction of french projects at l’atelier. She graduated as an architect from ENSA Paris Val de Seine in 2011. Yvanna worked at High-Graph Architecture Paris until joining l’atelier in 2019.


Sofia Planell is a project architect al l’atelier. In 2019 she graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, where she developed as assitant professor. Prior to l’atelier she worked as project collaborator in different studios based in Buenos Aires, specially at publication designs and competitions.


Andrés Weinger is a project architect at l’atelier. He graduated as an architect from Di Tella University in 2014 where he developed as assistant professor. Prior to l’atelier he worked in several architecture studios and co-funded the studio SUMU in Buenos Aires. He joined l’atelier in 2021.


Carolina Cui Xiao is a project architect at l’atelier. She studies at the University of Buenos Aires where she has also developed as assistant professor in 2020. Prior to l’atelier she worked as project collaborator at Flora Oficina (Buenos Aires) and Ries Estudio (Buenos Aires). She joined l’atelier in 2021.


Charlotte Bovy studied architecture at ENSA Marseille and graduated from UCL Bruxelles in 2017. She collaborated with several studios in Barcelona, Brussels and Marseille. Since 2018 she lives in Buenos Aires, where she is starting her own architectural practice, alongside various projects related to visual arts and photography.


Carla Cogan Pustelnik is a project architect at l’atelier since February 2022. She graduated as an architect from University of Buenos Aires in 2018, where she also obtained a postgraduate degree in interior design and is currently studying furniture design. She specializes in professional art and architecture photography as well. Prior to l’atelier she worked in other architecture firms and co-founded the studio COPE in Buenos Aires in 2020.


Former collaborators: Philippe De Clerck, Yannick Vanhaelen, Damir Dragani, Aya Akbib, Roxane Chahidi, Elena Roth, Aurelien Regnard, Guida Prista, Luciana Teper, Radwan Habbouchi, Ary Altman, Marina Benbaali, Candelaria Gómez Smurra


Should you be interested in working with l’atelier, please send us letter of interest, portfolio as well as a copy of your CV, by e-mail:
The position that you are applying for should be in the subject and if applying for internship the available date and duration should be included as well.




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  • Berlin International Univeristy
  • SHIUR, 2022 (guest lecturer)
  • SESAM 2020, Slavutych, 2020 (guest tutor)
  • ULB, Brussels, 2019 (guest critic, , exhibition, award, guest lecture)
  • Rhodes Works Design Competition, Black Rock City, Nevada, 2019 (guest critic)
  • Minerva University, London, 2018 (guest tutor)
  • ETH, Zurich, 2016 (guest critic)
  • LABA, EPFL, Lausanne 2014 (maitre EPFL, in charge of diploma projects)
  • Urban Lab+ Workshop at EPFL, Lausanne, 2015 (organizer)
  • KRVIA University, Mumbai, 2014 (guest tutor)
  • UNICAL, Calabria, 2014 (guest tutor)
  • INDESEM, TU Delft, Delft, 2011 (guest tutor)


  • Kumbima, Centre des cultures de l’Islam, Urban Texts, Paris, Fr, 2022
  • Neuilly Exhibition at Anomalie Art Club, Berlin GE, 2021
  • Kumbima, Tirana, AL, 2021 (Tibilisi biennale installation)
  • Fukagawa garage, Tokyo, JP, 2020 (solo show)
  • Gallery Des Plans, Paris, FR, 2019
  • Espace béton, Brussels, BE, 2018
  • Atelier cnc Brussels, BE, 2018
  • RE:WORK in De Singel, Antwerp, BE, 2014
  • Lausanne Landing, Hall CFF, Lausanne, CH, 2013
  • Postcards from the Future in La Maison Culturelle du Japon, Paris, FR, 2012
  • A Palace of Human Passion in Lauba House, Zagreb, HR, 2011
  • Postcards from the Future in Ishinomaki public space, Ishinomaki, JP, 2011
  • Postcards from the Future in the Luxemburg embassy of Japan, Tokyo, JP, 2011
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  • Concrete Utopia in the ITU Taskisla, Istanbul, TK, 2010
  • Concrete Utopia in the Palais du Heyzel, Brussels, BE, 2010

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